Wednesday, 20 June 2012


The moment has arrived: I am finally free! My last exam was today and now begins the long wait until August for results day, which is perhaps the worst thing of all, as everything is now beyond my control. But really, I just feel an amazing sense of relief that the hardest exams of my life are over and I can enjoy a cracking summer in the knowledge that I gave it my all.

Talking of results, I'll be at UCAS HQ for results day in August, seeing how it all operates from the inside, on what will be a hectic but exciting day for everyone involved. I'll be updating this blog throughout the day with posts and photos, so be sure to check back then to get a peek behind the scenes of UCAS on the most important day of the year, for them and for students everywhere.

In the meantime, I am strangely at a loss as to what to do with myself, revision having been such a major element of my life for so many weeks, and a part of me feels a bit empty. It is surreal, to say the least, that I can now relax and read a book or watch TV, not as part of revision or as a break from it, but because I want to, and because I have the time to. It's the little things that seem to mean the most when you've put everything into studying, and just being able to sit down and chill out without thinking about revision is a wonderful feeling.

As a lot of people, I've got a pretty packed summer ahead, and, as it's my last totally free one before packing up and going to Uni, here's hoping it'll be one to remember. I'm working in Hyde Park for the Olympic Games, after going to Silverstone for the Grand Prix in July, so if anyone happens to be around be sure to say hi! If you want to keep up with me over summer then feel free to follow me on twitter (@chris_rowlands) or check back here, as I'll keep blogging up to results day and beyond. 

If you're in Year 12, what I would say is start thinking now about your personal statement and any preparatory reading you might want to do over summer, in readiness for interviews and the like later in the year.

Personally, I'm going to spend a few weeks doing absolutely nothing. Whether you've finished you're exams already, you have a few more left, or you still have a few years to go, be sure to have an amazing summer.

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